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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2006|04:58 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]


How can this be? How can I be going? Oh, god I'm welling up again, this is not good.

I'm going. I'm really going. I can't even think about the fact that I reconfirmed my flight, or that I've just said goodbye to the kids for the last time or gah...

I'm leaving on Sunday.

On the other hand, this means I'm arriving in the UK on Monday at 10am...Bolivia was great as well, have much to tell. I met Kirsten (Peru vol, was on selection with her 2 years ago) COMPLETLY randomly in the main street of Copacabana. Meeting with PT vols is great!

I'm leaving. Bugger. I don't really know how I feel. Sad...happy, sad...confused...

I'm coming back. (The amount of people who told me not to leave, how could I not!)
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(no subject) [Jul. 30th, 2006|12:49 pm]
[Current Location |Rurrenabaque, Bolivia]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

Am in Rurrenabaque, finally!

The reason for my delay? I fell off my bike going down the World's Most Dangerous Road. I now sport a fetching black eye (and a half) and a dimisinishing bump to the head. I therefore spent a couple of days of R&R in Coroico (where the ride ends) after being bused to La Paz to the clinic to get x-rays (Is it bad that I am now the owner of 5 xrays of my head....?) and then back down the road to Coroico. Gravity (the company) were great though. The manager met me in the clinic and was helpful, and I still got the t-shirt at the end of the trip!

Followed that yesterday with a "fun" bus ride to Rurre. First, the bus was late. We had been told to wait for a yellow volvo with a driver called Jesus...which turned up 2 hours late (I get the feeling this isn't uncommon...) Then there were problems with seats, and by the time I got off the bus at 7am this morning, my back and bum were dead. Apparently it's a good thing that I couldn't see the road, sheer drops and all that shit. Looking forward to the bus back already! Every one seems to want to fly, but there is a delay on flights, and a huge backlog of travellers trying to get out, and seeing as how my schuedule as been tightened a hell of a lot already (thanks, eye) I need to get going if I want to see Lake Titicaca. It's a pity, I'd like to spend more time here, but I'll just have to come back to Bolivia in the future.

Wish me luck in the pampas (looking forward to allllllll the wildlife!)
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La Paz! [Jul. 24th, 2006|01:31 pm]
[Current Location |La Paz, Bolivia]
[Current Mood |okayokay]
[Current Music |Something Bolivian]

Welcome to the capital of Bolivia!

It's nice here. Different though. I mean, you really really notice the difference inbetween here and Santiago. Some things are good differences (I can't see them closing the Alameda in Santiago every Sunday for a books and cultural market like they do here in the Prado) and somethings are bad differences (the people are very obviously poor and conditions are...interesting) But the people are friendly.

Tomorrow I head off to Coroico, before continuing to Rurrenabaque for my trip to the jungle. Coroico sounds lovely, if it's nice I might spend a couple of days there. I'm not too bothered about Lake Titicaca really. We'll see.

Everyone left this morning! Benji had to go back to Viña (Chile) because his mum was ill. Kristin headed off to Lake Titicaca and George went to Rurrenabaque.

I need to change some dollars. Rather a lot of dollars! Well, it's for my jungle trip. Perhaps La Paz is lacking in Bolivianos. I shall look in my guidebook and then head out again later.
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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2006|04:40 pm]
[Current Location |Uyuni, Bolivia]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]


It's different. I like it. But then, this is my first town. The people have been really friendly so far. I have a new woolly hat with ear flaps.

It's fluffy.

I'm off to Potosi later this evening with a few other people. Off to see the mines, tomorrow, hopefully.

I have a cold, which doesn't help at altitude. The first night was HARD, I hardly slept (try sleeping at 4500 metres...) but last night was fine.

Plan includes La Paz, jungle and Lake Titicaca.

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Stuff [Jul. 17th, 2006|06:40 pm]
[Current Location |Internet Cafe, San Pedro de Atacama]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]

You find me, again, in San Pedro de Atacama, a bit like last February. Except it's not my birthday this time, and also that tomorrow I'm going to Bolivia. Into the unknown.

Also this time...it's the trip before going home. This trip finishes, and I go home.

Weird feeling.

Right, it's got dark so I'm heading back to the hostel to put a jacket on, and then I'm meeting up with Leo and others later to eat (am starving) This will be the last (possibly ever) time that Leo and I are together.

That's weird too.
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2006|01:05 pm]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

Sniff. You guys are going to have to wait a while for an update because I'm as busy as ever (last day of school, and now trying to get things sorted for leaving on my travels tomorrow....dollars, bookings, packing, packing, photocopies, packing, shirt, dollars) and so I just haven't found a minute to update!

I stayed at school until around 19:15 yesterday. I just didn't want to leave. Have been an idiot and left some of my scout stuff in the English room so have to ring Luisa and ask her to look after it for me. At least it makes a "reason" for going back in August (for a couple of days) other than having to get the English room sorted and listo for the new girls. Naomi and Linde....

Yesterday was so hard.

Too damn hard.
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2006|06:47 pm]
[Current Mood |melancholyincredibly sad]

It was my last proper day at work today.

I'm very sad.

I've been crying lots! But I've had a great day. I got a card with notes from ALL my kids, and cake from their parties, and 2° Basico gave me a present, and 3° Basico made me cry lots because they were just so lovely, and ooooooooooh I just don't want to leave the kids. It was so hard looking at some of them and knowing I'll never see them again (apart from that one or two days in August...)But I got some of their addresses and emails...

We had a great lunch, and kareoke! I sang "We are the Champions" and won a bottle of wine. I am told I sing well. :D I don't want to leave half the teachers either, Danny, and Pame (both of them) and Luisa and GAH. And Puri...


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Finally! [Jul. 6th, 2006|05:03 pm]
Eeeeek, but I really have been busy, honestly, and I don't see any further time appearing at school in the next week ( cos of wanting to spend ALL time avaliable with my little ones) so I've popped into a nearby internet cafe to write up. After all, I did say I'd update before I went on holiday, and that time is nearly upon us!

I have time, or I am in the area for internet today because I've been and got punctured with yellow fever. :D ie, I got the vaccination, not the disease. It's apparently complusory to enter Bolivia, but seeing as how I'm planning on going to the jungle, I figured it might be fairly useful...It was cheaper here than it would have been at my local surgery - 50 quid in the UK, translated to $18500 to have it done here, about 20 quid! :D

I'll updte in the next few days, I just had the clever idea of writing the entry in Word and then posting it, then I can work on it in bits at school. Expect: schools in take over, scouts, stressful exam periods, having shitloads to do, community reports and not wanting to leave...
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(no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2006|07:35 pm]
[Current Location |internet cafe near my house]

Update soon I promise!

And photos...

It's just I'm really really really busy (trying to send stuff home, yellow fever jab so I can go to Bolivia in safety...work, decorating the English room...it goes on) and there's no internet at school still (well, it sort of arrived today, but is crap)

I promise I will update before I leave on holiday...

Jackie xx
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2006|11:14 am]
[Tags|, , , ]
[Current Location |Work, sin children]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Some Chilean folk stuff. Tis nice]

I think that in the last few days I have finally reached some level of realisation (and acceptance) of Chile as my gap year. And happiness too. To understand this, I need to take you back to Jackie knowing she wanted to go to South America, really really really, but actually wanting to go to Peru and do care work. I however, got selected to go to Chile, and do English teaching. I accepted this because I trust Project Trust, and they haven't been sending people away for 40 odd years without knowing what they are doing. But so far throughout my year in Chile I sometimes have nagging doubts about whether this was what I wanted from my year, and hell, I didn't want to live in a city, but I started my life in Chile and I learnt to love this country and I love the kids and the job is good too....but I still can't help feeling sometimes that I would rather be in Peru, in somewhere totally different, totally unknown in my own house instead of with a family. But in the last few days I haven't felt that. For all Chile's similarity, it's a hell of a different country. It's not as developed as it appears. Damn, it's different. People are POOR. Some people are very rich. The middle class isn't a huge force. And education, in some ways in appaling. Some of the public schools, from what I hear are horrible. And one school, because the students are striking (I'll get to it, I'm leaping ahead of myself) left 1 toilet for 2000 or so students. God. In my opinion from what I've seen so far the education wasn't that great. Kids learn English from pre-kinder in most schools, but how many do you get who have coversational level English after so many years of teaching? Not many from a lot of public (ie "state, for all that that means here") schools.

ExplanationCollapse )

And my situation is...Collapse )

Non strike related good stuff! 1 - Museums and random meetingsCollapse )

Back we go, and full of ScoutsCollapse )

And finally....Collapse )
That's me up to date, stay tuned for pictures of street riots (in the dark, unfortunately) :D

Jackie xx
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